What Dr. Oz Didn’t Tell You About Arsenic and Neuropathy

Arsenic may put you at risk for neuropathy, but the arsenic found in juice is nothing compared to the arsenic found in your meat.

By Shiraz Abbas

A few years ago Dr. Oz made a big fuss about apple juice, or apple juice concentrate and the level of arsenic it contains. Apple juice concentrate is made up of ingredients that come from several countries where arsenic may not necessarily be banned as it is in the United States. Although the EPA has a limit on arsenic in drinking water (10 parts per billion) some juices contained 16 (Mott’s), 22 (Juicy Juice) and even 36 parts (Gerber) per billion. This is because not all the ingredients in apple juice are made in the U.S but imported or made in countries where arsenic is not banned.

Arsenic is obviously a problem. It has been linked to many diseases including the development of neuropathy where patients have been known to develop the disease only three days after having ingested it after a failed suicide attempt.

Now what Dr. Oz is not telling you is that according to USDA researchers, chicken can have as much as 430 parts per billion. Since the average American consumes about three times more chicken than apple juice, the same average American faces 30 times the arsenic risk as he or she does with apple juice. This means that by eating chicken, you are at greater risk of developing neuropathy.

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We know that arsenic gets into apple juice through arsenic-containing pesticides that are used in countries like China, but it gets into our chicken because the animals live in crammed and bug-infested areas thus needing arsenic to kill the bugs that may infect them. The problem here is that the arsenic gets into their bodies and in turn, we ingest them when we eat chicken. Although arsenic-based food is banned in Europe, it is still legal in the United States.

Remember that neuropathy is a general disorder that may come about through a variety of means, including what you consume. To stay healthy and fight your neuropathy pain, make sure you know what is going into your body.

Shiraz Abbas is the founder and manager of the CIDP Neuropathy Support Group. He is also one of the main community educators of IVIG therapy. He resides in Fresno, California. Shiraz can be contacted through our free CIDP advice service at 1-855-782-0574.

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