CIDP and Emotional Health

mental health cidp

Emotional health can sometimes be the most difficult part of dealing with CIDP. Here is some advice on managing the emotional difficulties of having to live with CIDP.  By Shiraz Abbas Living with CIDP is hard. The physical pain is relentless and pain medication isn’t always effective. If the pain isn’t enough, movement is another […]

Turmeric and Black Pepper Combination for CIDP

turmeric black pepper cidp

Turmeric and black pepper are one of the most powerful combinations when it comes to helping with inflammatory diseases like CIDP. By Shiraz Abbas Turmeric is known as a the golden spice of Asia. South Asians have been using it in their foods and medicine for millennia. Persians use it in almost all of their […]

Can Carbohydrates Contribute to CIDP?

carbs cidp

Not all carbs are the same, some carbs are good but some can aggravate your CIPD symptoms. By Shiraz Abbas If there is one thing my family eats a lot of, it’s rice and bread. But if there is one thing they are known for, its being carbs. Carbs have gotten a bad rep because […]

Can Cocoa Help With CIDP?

cocoa and cidp and chocolate

Cocoa is what chocolate is made out of, but studies show that clean cocoa could have some of the anti-inflammatory and immune regulating benefits of tea.

Fight CIDP with a Cup of Tea

cidp cup of tea

Alcohol seems to be an almost universal culprit in making CIDP symptoms worse, but green tea seems to have the opposite effect where it may protect and ease CIDP symptoms. By Shiraz Abbas A few years ago, my wife said that it’s always good to have a little addiction. If there is an addiction that […]

Can Smoking Trigger CIDP or Make it Worse?

cidp smoking

Smoking has been linked to a variety of illnesses, but it may be making your CIDP symptoms worse. By Shiraz Abbas Over the last few decades, there have been many proven reports on the ill effects of smoking. These range from lung cancer to heart disease and stroke. But what about its effects on autoimmune […]