CIDP Disease Updates

Vegan Diet (Plant-Based) May Reduce Neuropathy Pain

A vegan (Plant-Based) diet can possibly do wonders for your neuropathy pain. Research is showing a promising link between a plant-based diet and dealing with neuropathy. By Shiraz Abbas One of the most persistent and stubborn diseases in the human body is neuropathy. Neuropathy, or to be more precise, peripheral neuropathy, is an umbrella term […]

Exercise Can Be an Anti-Inflammatory For Your CIDP

Exercise and CIDP

Exercise has many benefits. It may trigger an anti-inflammatory response in your body and help you with your CIDP type neuropathy. By Shiraz Abbas Exercise has many benefits from weight loss to reducing the rates of certain disease. Although exercise, particularly weight training, can trigger inflammation in the body, the inflammation is controlled and is […]

Is there a connection between wheat, gluten and CIDP?

Gluten has been associated with triggering inflammation in the body where your immune system attacks its own tissue and nerves in the form of an autoimmune disease like CIDP. By Shiraz Abbas CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) is a neurological disorder characterized by an inflammation of the nerves. CIDP, like multiple sclerosis, is an autoimmune […]

Health Benefits of Kale for CIDP and Neuropathy

Neuropathy and Kale

Kale can be a powerful ally in fighting neuropathy and CIDP type neuropathy. Kale can be an ideal inclusion into your diet. By Shiraz Abbas Kale is one of the most powerful greens you can consume. Kale provides nutrients that not only help with healthy digestion, skin, hair and bones, diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, asthma […]

High-Salt Intake and CIDP

cidp and salt

High-Salt intake has been associated with the overproduction of cells that are associated with autoimmune diseases. High-salt intake may not be so good for people who suffer from CIDP. By Shiraz Abbas CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) is a form of peripheral neuropathy that is the result of an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease like CIDP […]