CIDP Disease Updates

Does CIDP Inflammation Cause Depression?

Is it possible that the immune system that is responsible for CIDP is also responsible for depression? Let’s explore this idea further. By Shiraz Abbas The other week we published an article on how depression could negatively be contributing to your CIDP. Remember that reductionism in scientific discussions about disease is usually a bad idea […]

Can The Paleo Diet Help With CIDP?

The paleo diet can be helpful in the short-term for people with CIDP, but experts do not recommend it as a long term diet. By Shiraz Abbas The paleo diet, also known as the “caveman” diet is the new fad. Many people have claimed that it has cured them their autoimmune diseases like ulcerative colitis […]

Pears and CIDP

pears and cidp

Pears are packed with nutrition. They may be one of the most powerful fruits when it comes to helping with CIDP neuropathy. By Shiraz Abbas Pears are some of the sweetest fruits you can eat. When they say that fruits are nature’s candy, “they” aren’t kidding. The good news is that its packed with nutrition […]