CIDP Disease Updates

Bananas May Help with CIDP

Bananas and CIDP

CIDP is an autoimmune disease characterized by the inflammation of the peripheral nerves. Bananas may help reduce CIDP symptoms due to their anti-inflammatory properties. By Shiraz Abbas Bananas don’t have a good reputation. They’re known as being starchy, sugary and full of carbs. Many people suggest that bananas should be avoided for all sorts of […]

CIDP and Processed Foods

CIDP and Processed Foods

Processed foods may have a larger role in the development of autoimmune diseases like CIDP than we thought. It is not always our genes that play a primary role in our diseases, but also the environments we create for our bodies. By Shiraz Abbas  In a previous article, we wrote how bad gut bacteria may […]

Neuropathy Pain and Music Therapy


Music is often taken for granted, but it is a low cost way to managing and reducing neuropathic pain. Neuropathy and music therapy is world that one must seriously consider. The worst part of neuropathy is pain. Dealing with debilitation and problems with movement are one thing, but the excruciating pain can be the worst […]

Neuropathy: 3 Reasons Why Vitamin B12 May Not Be Working

neuropathy vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 does not always seem to be working with people who have neuropathy and CIDP type neuropathy. Here we present three potential solutions that may make B12 work for you. By Shiraz Abbas In our last article, we looked over the benefits of Vitamin B12 and how it may help us with our neuropathy […]

CIDP Type Neuropathy and Vitamin B

Vitamin B and Neuropathy

Studies are now suggesting that vitamin B may have an important role in healing or easing the pain of peripheral neuropathy and CIDP type of neuropathy in particular. By Shiraz Abbas Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder of the peripheral nerves. It is often characterized by weakness of limbs, numbness and pain. CIDP type neuropathy is […]

Healing Neuropathy: CIDP, GBS and Bad Gut Bacteria

bad bacteria

LPS, a toxin produced by the bad gut bacteria may play an important role in bringing about or exacerbating CIDP and GBS types of neuropathy. Little is known about the relationship between CIDP and bad gut bacteria. CIDP Neuropathy is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by a gradual and progressive destruction of the nerves […]

CIDP and Yoga

cidp and yoga

CIDP and yoga are not enemies. Yoga is an excellent practice in managing the body’s stress responses and may help ease nerve inflammation in the body. By Shiraz Abbas An acquaintance of mine, let us call her Sarah for privacy reasons, was diagnosed with CIDP (Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) over a decade ago. She was a […]

Understanding the link between CIDP and Low Potassium

avocado potassium cidp

The link between CIDP and low potassium is a subject that has been little studied yet it may posit one of the important breakthroughs for CIDP as of yet. Low potassium and CIDP manifestation is not a phenomenon to be overlooked. Potassium is a critical ingredient in your body that helps fight inflammation. Potassium helps […]

CIDP and Zyflamend – Potential Benefits for Neuropathy Pain

zyflemend CIDP

Few have looked at CIDP and Zyflamend and its potential benefits. But Zyflamend’s herbal properties may help with CIDP inflammation and pain. Zyflamend is an herbal supplement used to combat inflammation, including the inflammation of the nerves which is prevalent with people who suffer from CIDP. It is a combination of ten carefully measured ingredients: […]