CIDP Disease Updates

Fight CIDP with a Cup of Tea

cidp cup of tea

Alcohol seems to be an almost universal culprit in making CIDP symptoms worse, but green tea seems to have the opposite effect where it may protect and ease CIDP symptoms. By Shiraz Abbas A few years ago, my wife said that it’s always good to have a little addiction. If there is an addiction that […]

Can Smoking Trigger CIDP or Make it Worse?

cidp smoking

Smoking has been linked to a variety of illnesses, but it may be making your CIDP symptoms worse. By Shiraz Abbas Over the last few decades, there have been many proven reports on the ill effects of smoking. These range from lung cancer to heart disease and stroke. But what about its effects on autoimmune […]

Rooibos’ Anti-Inflammatory Effects May Help if You Have CIDP

roiboos and cidp

Rooibos may be a strong anti-inflammatory tea. If you suffer from CIDP, this may be of interest to you. By Shiraz Abbas On a regular basis, I try to write about the various benefits of some key foods and drinks that are readily available. Although none of what is recommended in our articles are cures […]

Valerian Root To Ease CIDP Stress

valerian root cidp

Valerian root has been used for ages for a variety of ailments. If you have CIDP, valerian may help you cope better with some of your symptoms. By Shiraz Abbas Common symptoms for CIDP sufferers include stress, anxiety and insomnia. Medications like sleep aids and antidepressants can be helpful, but there are natural remedies that […]

Air Pollution and CIDP

air pollution cidp

Air pollution isn’t just destroying the planet, but studies are suggesting that it may be associated with autoimmune diseases.

Does CIDP Inflammation Cause Depression?

Is it possible that the immune system that is responsible for CIDP is also responsible for depression? Let’s explore this idea further. By Shiraz Abbas The other week we published an article on how depression could negatively be contributing to your CIDP. Remember that reductionism in scientific discussions about disease is usually a bad idea […]