Neuropathy General

Foods that Can Aggravate Your Neuropathy

cidp and processed foods

The foods you consume can play an important role in managing your neuropathy. Here is a list of foods that you may consider avoiding. By Shiraz Abbas Neuropathy is a disease that is characterized by damage to the nerves. Its symptoms include burning sensation, tingling, numbness and/or in the hands and feet, difficulties in walking […]

Vegan Diet (Plant-Based) May Reduce Neuropathy Pain

A vegan (Plant-Based) diet can possibly do wonders for your neuropathy pain. Research is showing a promising link between a plant-based diet and dealing with neuropathy. By Shiraz Abbas One of the most persistent and stubborn diseases in the human body is neuropathy. Neuropathy, or to be more precise, peripheral neuropathy, is an umbrella term […]

Health Benefits of Kale for CIDP and Neuropathy

Neuropathy and Kale

Kale can be a powerful ally in fighting neuropathy and CIDP type neuropathy. Kale can be an ideal inclusion into your diet. By Shiraz Abbas Kale is one of the most powerful greens you can consume. Kale provides nutrients that not only help with healthy digestion, skin, hair and bones, diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, asthma […]

How High Sugar Consumption May Lead to Neuropathy

Sugar may have a direct link to the development of neuropathy. High sugar consumption may slowly be putting your neurological health in jeopardy. Simply put, neuropathy is a disorder that is characterized by damage to a nerve or a group of nerves in your body. Our brains send out messages to our bodies through our […]