CIDP and Managing Stress PART I

In our last post, we saw how stress is a trigger for Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy or short for CIDP. This is because CIDP is an autoimmune disease and many of our autoimmune disorders are largely affected by our mental and emotional states.

In this post, we will look into some helpful tips on how to manage stress and hopefully reduce the intensity of our “flare-ups” when it comes to CIDP. It is important to note that stress and CIDP are circular, meaning that stress may worsen CIDP but then the symptoms of CIDP may exacerbate the stress itself, thereby worsening its symptoms.

  • Managing Expectations: Much of our stress comes from the expectations we have of life. The higher the expectations, the worse the disappointment may be. This is not a recipe for having no expectations in life, but it is important to realize that the ultimate outcome of things are not in our hands. There are simply too many variables at work that affect the outcome of our efforts. We should do what we can to achieve our goals but we should also avoid obsessively trying to control the outcomes of events because full control is simply not possible. This will do nothing but tax our emotions and lead to undue stress.


  • Avoiding Too Many Tech Distractions: A great stressor in life, but one that is not talked about is how too much technology can turn our lives for the worst. Spending too much time on technology (TV, social media, games, computers etc.) can rob us of the much needed time we need for personal growth. Although it is nice to unwind a bit and relax, but too much time spent on gadgets and TV can keep us away from activities that truly contribute to our happiness, like family time, exercise, reading, contemplation and yes, even sleep. Spending too much time on devices can keep us up unnecessarily and thereby cutting down on our much-needed sleep.

Stay tuned for PART II of our series on how to manage stress and thus possibly help manage the severity of your CIDP.

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