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CIDP and the Health Benefits of Stevia

Stevia is not only a healthier alternative to sugar, but it also has properties that may help CIDP symptoms.

By Shiraz Abbas

I remember one of my teachers once told me that when things go down in life and your in the brink of despair, just step back and have a cup of tea. Tea is something I have a lot of regardless of my mood or events in my life. But if there is one important element to my tea, especially when I drink black tea, it’s its sweetness.

Given the amount of tea I drink, I don’t want to be consuming sugar or artificial sweeteners all the time. We know that sugar is bad and we’ve seen how sugar may lead to or exacerbate the symptoms of CIDP. To put it shortly, sugar contributes to inflammation in the body and the growth of autoimmune disease causing bacteria in the gut, all of which may contribute to CIDP and other autoimmune diseases.

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An alternative I’ve found is something called stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener which is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It is naturally found in Paraguay and has been known to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen. Best of all, it has 0 calories.

According to Organic Lifestyle Magazine, stevia has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which is an important element in the diet of a person who suffers from the chronic inflammatory disease of CIDP:

Some studies have found that the phagocytic function of cells, referred to as cellular eating because a cell will completely engulf and process particles, aids the immune system in protecting the body from potential threats when stevia is consumed. 2 Two water-soluble compounds contained in stevia, chlorphylls and xanthophylls, have also been named as the reason why stevia exhibits anti-inflammation and cancer protective properties.

Not all stevia is the same. Many brands contain additives that may not make it so healthy. There are other brands that can sometimes be bitter. The brand that I’ve found to be the best is the organic Now brand of stevia. It has no additives and it is organic. It is simply pure 100% stevia.

Shiraz Abbas is the founder and manager of the CIDP Neuropathy Support Group. He is also one of the main community educators of IVIG therapy. He resides in Fresno, California. Shiraz can be contacted through our free CIDP advice service at 1-855-782-0574.

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