CIDP Neuropathy and Vitamin C

Vitamin C may help heal us from the free radicals behind our CIDP inflammation.

CIDP neuropathy or Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy is an inflammation of the nerves. At the core of the inflammatory process in the body are free radicals. Free radicals are basically faulty molecules with unpaired electrons. Free radicals are very unstable and react very quickly with other compounds. When it steals the electron of another molecule, the other molecule becomes unstable and as a result it begins a problematic chain reaction in the body leading to the disruption of a living cell.

Don’t get me wrong, free radicals are not an aberration of nature. They do play a useful role in our bodies. The body purposefully creates them in order to neutralize viruses and bacteria.

For those of us who have autoimmune disease like CIDP neuropathy, what happens is that the free radicals become excessive enough that they start doing damage to the body. This is part of the process of inflammation.

Excess in the creation of free radicals comes about through various means, including pollution, stress (see our article on stress and CIDP), bad eating habits, and so on and so forth. As we age, free radicals increase in our bodies which often lead to other kinds of disease as well such as cancer.

So how are we to deal with these free radicals? One possible solution is through Vitamin C. Vitamin C contains powerful anti-oxidants that “donate” one of their electrons and thus ending the destructive chain reaction that free radicals begin. The antioxidants in Vitamin C do not themselves turn into free radicals when their electrons are stolen and thus remain stable. In one sense, they are cleaners in our bodies that prevent damage at the molecular level which is where the source of our CIDP neuropathy begins with.

Now be warned, do not go overdosing on Vitamin C supplements. The best source of vitamin C are those found in our natural foods. Vitamin C best works in combination with its nutritional web or environment that the fruits and vegetables you eat contain. Popping a vitamin pill is easy to do, but will not always lead to results. Try natural foods regularly and you may be surprised at what happens.

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