CIDP Neuropathy and Vitamin E

People who suffer from CIDP neuropathy are essentially suffering from inflammation. In our series of posts, we’ve been looking at possible nutrients that help fight inflammation. In our last post, we saw how Vitamin C helps fight inflammation by fighting free radicals.

Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E helps fight chronic inflammation. Those who use Vitamin E on their skin will notice this quite quickly. Vitamin E does seem to have this effect on the body. Although nutrients may not cure our illnesses, it is important to have a proper vitamin and nutrition balance in our bodies to help our bodies, along with proper doctor directed medication to help put us into remission or at least get us at a functional state.

In order to use Vitamin E effectively, foods may not contain enough of the nutrient to produce the desired result of remission for your CIDP neuropathy. Speak to your doctor and see if it is right that you take Vitamin E supplements.

See the following link for more information on Vitamin E.

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