Dr. Noor Sachdev MD

2577 Samaritan Dr Ste 840 San Jose, CA 95124
(855) 782-0574

Dr. Noor Sachdev is a board certified Neurologist who started private practice in San Jose in 2008. He takes care of patients with a wide variety of conditions including migraine, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. He is passionate about using the best current technology in both diagnostics and therapeutics. Neurology is an evolving field that requires thorough diagnostics to aid in treatment selection. His practice provides services of EEG (epilepsy detection), Transcranial doppler (stroke evaluation) and EMG/NCV (peripheral nerve and muscle testing). Dr. Noor’s mission: “With the drastic cuts and changes to health care, I am a passionate advocate for patients interests and best care!” Dr. Noor Sachdev is from the Bay Area originally, attending Bellarmine High, and residing in San Jose after completing a fellowship in Neuromuscular disease in 2008 at Columbia University. Dr. Noor has an expertise in diseases such peripheral neuropathy, muscle diseases, myasthenia gravis.