IVIG Can Treat Lyme Disease

IVIG Can Treat Lyme Disease which often shows similar symptoms to CIDP Neuropathy

IVIG is known to treat a variety of diseases. Lyme disease is a disease that brings about similar symptoms as CIDP neuropathy (and may likely be associated with it). However, IVIG has been shown to treat Lyme disease just like neuropathy.

Neurologists are beginning to examine whether the neuropathies experienced by patients with Lyme disease may benefit from treatment with intravenous immune globulin (IVIg) which is considered a safe and effective treatment for autoimmune neuropathies. Mild infusion-related reactions occur often but these can often be controlled by slowing the infusion rate or by symptomatic medications. Serious adverse effects, although rare, may include thromboembolic events (esp among patients with pre-existing vascular disease), renal failure (among patients with renal insufficiency), anaphylaxis (esp among patients with IgA deficiency), or septic meningitis (especially among patients with migraine). Patients with these risk factors should carefully discuss the risks and benefits of IVIg treatment with his/her physician. At this point, given the lack of systematic or controlled studies, IVIg for Lyme neuropathies is an experimental treatment.

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