The Scary Link Between Bad Drinking Water and CIDP

What’s in your water? Chemicals found in water have been associated with the rise of autoimmune diseases like CIDP. 

By Shiraz Abbas

Environmental pollution does not just manifest itself as global warming, but it may have real dangerous consequences right at your tap. Polluted drinking water has been associated with the rise in cancer rates as the National Cancer Institute stated.

Elements in our drinking water are also being associated with the rise of autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Autoimmune diseases also include those of the nervous system such as CIDP neuropathy.

There seems to be a number of chemicals and substances in drinking water that are associated with the rise of autoimmune diseases. One substance, known as trichloroethylene or TCE, is an industrial solvent that is associated with autoimmune effects in humans.

How does this work?

The major reason the connection is suspected is because of TCE’s effect on Thymus cells in subjects during experimental and human studies. Since TCE is estimated to be found in 9-34% of drinking water in the U.S., it is unquestionable that drinking water quality is one important factor to help guard against autoimmune diseases. Hence, people should learn about the possible solutions for purifying their water in order to get the safest drinkable water possible.

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Why is this happening? Some research reports claim that

there are numerous synthetic chemicals that can cause drinking water pollution. Most of these come from agricultural activities, industrial waste, urban runoff and even from municipal water treatment plants. Possibly, the glass of water you are drinking now could have some traces of pesticides, weed-killers, fertilizer and also petroleum by-products. Even the bio-hazardous pollutants from pharmaceutical drugs can occasionally be found in drinking water.

Some have opted for boiling their water in order to protect themselves against water-borne diseases, but boiling not only changes the taste of water, it may not get rid of industrial chemicals that are present in the water. A good solution is to install reverse-osmosis machines for your drinking water which generally filter out most industrial chemicals.

Shiraz Abbas is the founder and manager of the CIDP Neuropathy Support Group. He is also one of the main community educators of IVIG therapy. He resides in Fresno, California. Shiraz can be contacted through our free CIDP advice service at 1-855-782-0574.

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