Meditation Helps MS and Neuropathy Pain

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to significantly reduce chronic pain in diseases like neuropathy and multiple sclerosis.

By Shiraz Abbas

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Pain performed MRI scans on patients with experimentally induced pain. Within the next few days, a meditation instructor taught the volunteers in the study how to meditate. On the last day, researchers scanned the brains of this group, once while meditating and once while not meditating all the while pain was being induced. The study found that there was a 40% reduction in pain intensity during meditation in contrast to their non-meditation state.

In another study, two months of meditation was shown to reduce both multiple sclerosis and neuropathy pain compared to a control group that had both of these diseases. Not only that, but there was significant improvement with patients who have inflammatory neuropathy which is characteristic of CIDP neuropathy.

Other clinical trials have shown reduction of chronic pain by up to 57% and 90% by accomplished meditators. MRI images show that mindfulness meditation (a type of meditation that focuses the mind on the present, or the “now”) soothes the parts of the brain that are associated with pain and over time, the underlying structure of the brain changes so that pain is no longer felt with the same degree of intensity to the point where some barely even feel it at all. For accomplished meditators, mindfulness meditation works better than prescription pain-killers.

If you are suffering from chronic pain like standard peripheral neuropathy, CIDP neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, you may want to try mindfulness meditation as a supplement to your prescription meditation and see if it works for you.

Shiraz Abbas is the founder and manager of the CIDP Neuropathy Support Group. He is also one of the main community educators of IVIG therapy. He resides in Fresno, California. Shiraz can be contacted through our free CIDP advice service at 1-855-782-0574.

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