Side effects From IVIG are Usually Mild, Even for Children

Many prescription treatments and drugs usually comes with all sorts of health risks. IVIG, however, is one of the few treatments where even the side-effects are mild, even for kids. See the following list:

In general, IVIG is a safe treatment. Most side effects are mild and easy to control. They do not cause problems that last for a long time. A few patients have more serious side effects, but these are very rare. Because of all the liquid going into your child’s body, your child may need to go to the bathroom a lot while she is getting the IVIG.

Talk to your child’s doctor about the benefits and risks of IVIG and its possible side effects.

Some children have side effects when they take IVIG. Side effect can happen while the IVIG is going in and up to two days after.

Call your child’s nurse or doctor if your child has any of these side effects:

1) headache
2) fast heart rate
3) dizziness or feeling light-headed
4) backache
5) flushing of face
6) nausea or feeling sick to the stomach
7) stomach pain
8) throwing up
9) muscle pain or tenderness
10) tightness in the chest or wheezing
11) rash or hives
12) chills or feeling cold
13) fever

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