A 52 year old farm worker with repeat attacks of neuropathy improves with IVIG

A 52 year old farm worker had numbness and clumsy gait  that he noticed for 4 months. His pain was constant but in the back not the limbs. Wiithin one week, his health suddenly deteriorated and his legs became week. He was taken to ER and diagnosed as GBS and treated with IVIG infusion therapy for 5 days. He was sent to rehab for two weeks and returned home. The patient felt significant improvement and reasonably stable gait. 3 months later he felt the same way again and had to hospitalized and treated again. Upon, discharge he was advised to see an expert neurologist in 1 week time outpatient clinic.
The neurologist explained that the patient initially suffered with GBS type of neuropathy but because of repeat attacks, his case turned to CIDP type of neuropathy. (after therapy). The neurologists recommended one year of infusion therapy. The patient had good recovery and is now on monthly infusion therapy.