CIDP and nutrition

CIDP and Food Additives, the Results Aren’t’ So Nice

Food additives have been strongly linked to the development of autoimmune diseases in the last  3 to 4 decades. Be careful where you shop and watch those ingredients. By Shiraz Abbas There is evidence showing that industrial additives are bringing about a rise in autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases include multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and CIDP […]

The Link Between Mercury and Women With CIDP

Exposure to high levels of mercury has been associated with nerve damage and autoimmune diseases. Even what is considered currently safe levels of mercury is showing to be problematic. Those who have CIDP neuropathy should pay close attention. By Shiraz Abbas Mercury is a metal that is naturally found in our environment, including our food. […]

Fennel and CIDP

fennel and cidp

Fennel not only tastes amazing, but it contains powerful components that may help your CIDP and possibly reduce your pain.

Apples and CIDP Neuropathy

Apples contain a natural mix of antioxidants that can help with your CIDP neuropathy, something which is lacking in synthetic antioxidants. By Shiraz Abbas Apples are one of the most ubiquitous fruits in the world. Practically everyone consumes them. Not only are they tasty, but they are also known for their medicinal properties which makes […]

Obesity and Autoimmune Diseases

obesity cidp autoimmune disease

Obesity has been linked to almost a dozen autoimmune diseases. A substance secreted in body fat may be responsible for a toxic autoimmune response in your body.

Is there a connection between wheat, gluten and CIDP?

Gluten has been associated with triggering inflammation in the body where your immune system attacks its own tissue and nerves in the form of an autoimmune disease like CIDP. By Shiraz Abbas CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) is a neurological disorder characterized by an inflammation of the nerves. CIDP, like multiple sclerosis, is an autoimmune […]

Health Benefits of Kale for CIDP and Neuropathy

Neuropathy and Kale

Kale can be a powerful ally in fighting neuropathy and CIDP type neuropathy. Kale can be an ideal inclusion into your diet. By Shiraz Abbas Kale is one of the most powerful greens you can consume. Kale provides nutrients that not only help with healthy digestion, skin, hair and bones, diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, asthma […]