Mental Wellbeing

Can PTSD Be Behind CIDP?

cidp ptsd

Post-traumatic stress disorder, even in childhood, may be linked to the later development of autoimmune diseases like CIDP.

How CIDP Inflammation May Be Interrupting Neurogenesis

cidp neurogenesis

Chronic inflammatory disorders may be linked to the decline of neurons in the brain and possibly lead to depression and other emotional and mental disorders.  By Shiraz Abbas Recent research has shed light on how inflammation can reduce neurogenesis. This is important news if you have CIDP or any other chronic inflammatory disorder. Up until […]

Can CIDP Be Linked to Childhood Trauma?

cidp childhood trauma

Childhood trauma does not only cause later mental disorders in adult life, but it has been linked to the development of chronic inflammatory disorders. CIDP sufferers may not be immune. By Shiraz Abbas We tend to think that diseases come randomly, or they come from present-day causes, such as genes, bad diet or recent trauma. […]