Welcome to CIDP Neuropathy Support Group

In a support group, members provide each other with various types of help outside standard professional settings. Members with the same issues, and in this case, illnesses, can come together in order to share coping strategies and feel more empowered within a community.

The CIDP Neuropathy Support group is based in Central California and arranges support group meetings in different cities each month. Our goal is to educate patients about neuropathy in general and CIDP type of neuropathy in particular.

We also offer an online free membership for patient, families and health care professionals. Members receive weekly news update about CIDP neuropathy and its therapy IVIG infusion. If you are interested in knowing about the up to date research and advances, we have got you covered! Members can also ask questions to health professionals by sending their queries directly to us or through the “Ask an Expert” tab.

We do not, however, give medical advice. We simply provide neuropathy education and strongly recommend you ask your physician all questions related to the right treatment for you.

Please give us your input and advice, share the website with someone who can benefit, especially those patients who may suffer from neuropathy and may not know about CIDP.

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